There used to be genres in the art world, the top of which were ‘historical paintings’. Then, genres of arts gradually died out after the World War II and various expressions of contemporary arts have been established.

 In this circumstance, I bring in a genre by painting ‘historical paintings’ of present history. I don’t know yet what meanings or significances will appear by doing so in the future art world.

     In my early childhood, I used to be taken to the European art exhibits by my parents and got familiar with classic paintings. Then I acquired an orthodox brushwork by mixing temperas through self-education from 2006.
     As I have developed my interest in such areas as history of political science, social science, sociology of law and legal philosophy and read books and attended lectures of such areas in addition to such technical problem, I found ‘historical paintings’ at the destination where my interest and techniques of paintings joined together.

Nov 2013  ART TAIPEI2013 from Gallery Kogure (Taiwan)YOW Ogura

living in Osaka-fu, Japan.


visual design art, Kyoto Seika University

March 1999 Sakaide Art Grand Prix

Grand Prix award.


Oct. 2010 solo exhibition "MacArthur's children"

in Gallery b.TOKYO (Tokyo)

July 2010  art Fair "ART OSAKA 2010"

from unseal contemporary

Aug. 2010  solo exhibition

"MacArthur's children"

in O gallery eyes (Osaka)

Oct. 2012   solo exhibition
"MacArthur's children-August Revolution-"

in unseal contemporary (Tokyo)


June 2013 The joint Exhibition of


hold by Roentgenwerke (Tokyo)


Nov 2013  ART TAIPEI2013 from Gallery Kogure (Taiwan)


Nov 2014  ART TAIPEI2014  from Gallery Kogure (Taiwan)

I'm drawing pictures next solo exhibition

"February Revolution"

(tentatively call)


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